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‘Türkiye 1990’lı yıllara geri döndü’

ABD Temsilciler Meclisi Dış İlişkiler Komitesi Başkanı Cumhuriyetçi Edward Royce ve kıdemli Demokrat Eliot Engel’in de imzasının bulunduğu, Demokrat Milletvekili William R. Keating tarafından hazırlanan bir mektup, ABD Dışişleri Bakanı John Kerry’e gönderildi. Mektup, ABD Dışişleri’nin “Türkiye ile resmi bir … Continue reading

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Turkish press freedom under attack

Originally posted on yazkam:
Written by Yazeed Kamaldien At first glance Turkey appears to be a stable democracy, particularly compared to its neighbours Iraq and Syria, but its media fraternity tells a different story. During a visit to this country…

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It’s only a ‘ceasefire process’; let nobody jump the gun

Things rapidly fall into place – that is, their ‘default settings’. President Erdoğan made an extraordinary addition to his series of amazing, baffling and mind boggling “New Turkey” policy statements in his address in Balıkesir: “What is the Kurdish question, … Continue reading

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Erdoğan’s dream: New Turkey, Inc.

As Turkey’s advance toward authoritarian rule becomes clearer, we have all, as pundits, been engaged in finding a proper term to cover what “Erdoğan’s Way” really is. “Despotism” and “autocracy” have been frequently used, but now I see Gökhan Bacık … Continue reading

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As April 24 turns into a date for ‘war on commemorations’ after Erdoğan’s move

Turkish president Erdoğan said today that the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli be commemorated on April 24 this year, adding ‘leaders from 30 nations will be present there.’ The issue has now turned into a deliberate clash between Turkey and Armenia … Continue reading

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Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Process’ is mired in leader cult

Less than three months left to the elections, the overall political and social picture of Asia Minor leaves hard traces of havoc. The series of events, one after another so irrational that they lost the effect of baffling the observer, … Continue reading

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As the machinery of lies is pinking

Ever since the Gezi protests, the public communications strategy of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has been based on what elected governments tempted by authoritarianism elsewhere have resorted to: Producing as dense a “fog of discourse” as possible … Continue reading

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The case of Mehmet Baransu: Criminalisation of journalism in Turkey under way

What should one say if the majority of the media in Turkey report on the detention of a journalist on spying charges in an affirmative manner, some of them even applauding the court’s ruling, as if to say he deserved … Continue reading

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Farewell Yaşar Kemal – A heart as vast as the whole universe

On Monday it was time for Turkey to bid goodbye to its greatest storyteller, whose life was dedicated to digging deep into the soul of people, the shadows of their past, the suppressed secrets of the suffering and their dreams … Continue reading

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