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Is the AKP burning bridges with USA, NATO, EU?

The systemic pattern of cementing an oppressive rule at home and obstinately pursuing a “my way or the highway” foreign policy, while seeming to smooth over the element of the “ungovernability” of Turkey, actually points out one simple fact: Through … Continue reading

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Merkel splits the EU Over Refugee Plan with Turkey

Angela Merkel has held six meetings with the Turkish government in the hopes of forging a solution to the refugee crisis. But with most of the leverage in Ankara, progress has been slow. Worse yet, reports Der Spiegel, Berlin’s plan … Continue reading

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Irreparable crack develops in the AKP

An overwhelming portion of Turkey’s independent observers have for some time agreed that, given the amalgamation taking place between the hard-liner elements of the old “shadow state” and the top circles of the AKP under control of the office of … Continue reading

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Nobel laureate Pamuk: West focuses on migrant crises, not Turkish democracy

Nobel laureate and renowned Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk has said the West does not care that much about Turkey‘s diminishing democracy and growing pressure on the media, saying it instead focuses on problems about migrants and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) … Continue reading

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