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Turkey’s key sectors may crumble as the economy shows strong signs of slump

The Peri Tower Hotel was the latest to throw in the towel. “By the end of No­vember, we will shut our doors to tourists,” said Nazif Demir, the manager of the hotel, which has been a landmark in Cappadocia in … Continue reading

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Weighing anchor from the EU, Turkey turns into a ‘land of human tragedies’

‘I have been watching the streets where I’ve grown up. Nobody is smiling anymore. People turn their eyes from each other. There is a profound silence and sorrow everywhere…’ So tweeted Nesrin Nas some days ago. She is the former … Continue reading

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Their cities razed to the ground, mayors removed, Kurds lose faith in Turkey

‘I feel like Diyarbakır does: dreary, angry, resentful. But still standing…’ This comes from a ‘local rapporteur’ from the southeastern corner of Turkey; devastated, battered – both morally and physically. I will explain. These are the days even a heavyweight … Continue reading

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Cities in Europe: Please adopt Turkey’s jailed journalists as ‘honorary citizens’

There we were. A tiny group of intellectual dissidents, unfortunate enough to be forced to exile, doomed remain outcatsts from Turkey, discussing the ‘Trump trauma’, at a dinner table, somewhere in Europe. Gloom at the faces. The incredibly powerful global … Continue reading

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‘Progress Report’ doomed to be rejected, the EU is at historic watershed on Turkey

If reported accurately, the European Commission will on Wednesday issue its annual so-called ‘Progress Report’ on Turkey, a ‘report card’ of sorts outlining whether or not its performance is in line with the membership criteria. The apparent reversal of democratisation … Continue reading

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Turkey’s media and Parliament under assault, pushing the EU to crossroads

‘Oh, guys, please rescue the archives from deletion!’ Oddly, or perhaps not, this was one of the first thoughts that passed my sleepy mind, Monday morning. I had shut down my phone when I went to bed. Just to wake … Continue reading

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More than anything, it is the ‘partisan armament’ in Turkey, that is worrying

It happened on a special day. After the Republic Day celebrations, on October 29, Bülent Tezcan, the vice chairman of Turkey’s main opposition party, CHP, was sitting at a dinner table together with some friends in Aydın, an Aegean city … Continue reading

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