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The person of the year: Arturo Ui

Now that we are hours away from the ending of this annus horribilis, ‘year of the grim reaper’, ‘year of immeasurable cruelty’, do we have any sense of hope as we exit? I simply don’t know. I will have one memory … Continue reading

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Turkey ‘pitch black’ – What does the arrest of journalist Ahmet Şık tell us?

The arrest of Ahmet Şık, one of the boldest journalists left in action in Turkey was not that unexpected. He was targeted fo some time and had already informed the public in a TV interview with colleague Ayşenur Arslan at … Continue reading

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Stupefied by terror and deaths, erratic AKP is between a rock and a hard place

One point emerges as undisputable after the series of terror attacks, and the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara by a police officer: Turkey, now showing strong signs as ‘ungovernable’ under the AKP rule, is sinking all more deeply … Continue reading

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Elephant in the room

    So, this is the end. Well, more or less so if you read into the most recent General Affairs Council statements about the state of accession negotiations between Turkey and the EU. Following up on the overwhelming European … Continue reading

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Trump-Erdoğan road clash on the role of Kurds in Syria and Iraq is inevitable

‘Never mind those, it’s going to be a very tough time ahead…’ When I met Marty Beth Long at the well-attended Rome MED – Mediterranean Dialogues conference in the Italian capital, I went rapidly into the subject on how optimistic … Continue reading

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Nearly five months later, coup attempt in Turkey still covered by big questions

It’s about 2 p.m. in July 15: An air force major, who is known by his initials as H.A., exits the military headquarters in Ankara. He is in a hurry, and very concerned. Stopping a taxi, he asks the driver … Continue reading

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Torn apart from homeland, journalist’s duty remains the same: write and write

As I addressed col­leagues at a recent gathering in Brussels and the public at a crowded conference, organised by the Körber Foundation and Süd­deutsche Zeitung in Hamburg, titled When Freedom of Speech Leads into Prison, the questions were identical. “Does … Continue reading

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A Turkish media group gets in between strange bedfellows: Erdoğan and Trump

When Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ had been removed from his post as the President of Doğan Media Group by his boss – and father-in-law – Aydın Doğan last month, there was general agreement among observers that he would be placed in … Continue reading

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