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Turkey is the home of “alternative facts”, and we will fight on for truth

A journalist with hope is a common contradiction in these strange days. When I set forth to share my thoughts on what the new year may offer us, I was overwhelmed by the thickening siege on our profession worldwide. Asked … Continue reading

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How Trump makes brothers Nesuhi and Ahmet Ertegün turn in their grave

Receiving that letter, written in an impeccable English on yellow paper, will always remain in my memory as one of the sweetest moments I had. It was 1985. A year before, I had been given the mission as the correspondent … Continue reading

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Is ‘Gülenist coup’ a hoax?.. ‘Turkey has become a country that’s devouring itself’

‘Six months after the failed coup of July 15, 2016, many questions still remain unanswered. Disturbingly, most can no longer be asked. Amid the purges, imprisonments and oppression, Turkey has become a country that is devouring itself…’ These words come … Continue reading

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How the AKP has turned into a perfect counterpart for the EU leaders

Forget the old guide­books on how to conduct foreign policy. These are times that require that the modes and codes change. The official introduction of Donald Trump as the leader of the free world further colours a globe that has … Continue reading

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Turkey pushed into despotic nightmare: A nation loses its mind in a whirlwind

Turkish President Erdoğan’s playbook never runs out of surprises, it seems. Three most recent decrees meant that 649 academics were arbitrarily fired, and 83 associations were shut down, including the well-established Kurdish Insitute, whose impeccable work on Kurdish language and … Continue reading

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As Erdoğan’s grip loosens, an embattled Turkey enters a most delicate phase

If people hold their breath about Turkey these days, they are right. As the world shows strong signs of disarray, certainly the country has placed itself at its epicenter. It has become such a fast ‘moving target’ that – ask … Continue reading

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