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Two former chief editors in prison, while Turkish justice is mocked by a manifesto

What the leader of the Turkey’s main opposition said on Monday would be enough to lead to an investigation in any ‘minimally democratic’ country. It would lead to the resignation of any minister of justice; even the entire government. Kemal … Continue reading

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Turkey’s opposition marches for justice, as its media shakes hands with Erdoğan

”Knife’s hit the bone…” With these words, Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu started more than a week ago from Ankara his long ‘March for Justice’. 432 km and 20 days later, he hopes to conclude it in front of a … Continue reading

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Stories of agony ad absurdum: The Judge, the Painter and the News Ombudsman

‘‘My friend Güray Öz – You lived in Germany for many years. You have lived to learn democracy and freedom. In Turkey, one learns about those only by reading the books! In Turkey, a new breed of people emerged; those … Continue reading

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Turkey: on the brink of a systemic suicide

If ‘holding your breath together’ would apply to large masses of concerned people, it is that rare moment. On Sunday some 55 million voters in Turkey will go to the ballotboxes in a referendum which will define the country’s identity, and … Continue reading

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Turkey ‘pitch black’ – What does the arrest of journalist Ahmet Şık tell us?

The arrest of Ahmet Şık, one of the boldest journalists left in action in Turkey was not that unexpected. He was targeted fo some time and had already informed the public in a TV interview with colleague Ayşenur Arslan at … Continue reading

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Corrupt media endorses authoritarianism in Balkans, Turkey

The tone of the meeting in İstanbul was immediately set by the words of Brankica Petkovic, director of the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, who coordinates the large-scale media integrity projects of the South East European Media Observatory (SEEMO) in the … Continue reading

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Turkey towards Emergency Rule, escorted by its ‘Genetically Modified Media’

Signs of a merge between militarist nationalism and corrupt political Islam become stronger every day. If true, Turkey faces its most destructive counter-force and a final test of the resilience of its already shaken and rattled parliamentary system. With its key … Continue reading

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Finally, an awakening on media

“…notes with concern that most media are owned by and concentrated in large conglomerates with a wide range of business interests ; reiterates its call for the adoption of a new media law addressing, inter alia, the issues of independence, … Continue reading

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The ‘shadow state’ – unfolding

The story unfolds in its own pace, page by page. The report by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) to the Investigation Commission of Coups and Military Memorandums within Parliament was a bombshell. The 287-page-long report arrived a little too late. … Continue reading

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