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Turkey’s ‘fake-coup’? – the truth which demands to be digged and investigated

The botched coup in Turkey last July is wrapped in such mystery that it begs for a constant return for updates and further analysis. I wrote numerous articles about it, given on avaliable data. The more we have been exposed … Continue reading

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Turkey a year after the failed coup: Hell on paradise, with no prospects of peace

From the outset it was clear that for Turkey it would be a nightmare of a year. My last shred of doubt was dispersed when I was driving that day, all alone, in the sweltering July heat, towards a western … Continue reading

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Once more: Forget Cyprus!

So, now, post-collapse of the talks about Cyprus, the usual wheel is turning. Blame-game. Who did what machinery. At the expense of people’s expectations on living in peaceful coexistence, undivided by the walls. Cyprus Mail reports: The Akel leader, Andros … Continue reading

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Collapse of Cyprus talks triggers a fresh blame game: Who was responsible, why?

So, we are where we have been. Things have not moved an inch. As the Guardian reported, ”What had been billed as the best chance to reunify Cyprus has collapsed spectacularly, fuelling fears that the Mediterranean island is heading towards permanent partition.” … Continue reading

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Turkey’s venomous entrenchment

”We are not meeting anymore over dinners” said a friend of mine lately, over telephone line: ‘There is no more any will to do so. Many of us realized that after a glass of Raki or so, we start dragging … Continue reading

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The ‘Grand Regress’: Turkey’s unbending resistance starts worrying its president

His name is Alparslan Ege. For some days, he has joined the March for Justice, mixed in a crowd, whose number is growing day after day. ”What do we want?” asks a cheerleader. ”Justice!” ”They won’t give us!’ ”We will … Continue reading

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Two former chief editors in prison, while Turkish justice is mocked by a manifesto

What the leader of the Turkey’s main opposition said on Monday would be enough to lead to an investigation in any ‘minimally democratic’ country. It would lead to the resignation of any minister of justice; even the entire government. Kemal … Continue reading

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‘Erdoğan knew of the coup beforehand, he even knew the date, and took a risk’

”A coup whose plotting was known beforehand, a coup not prevented, a coup whose consequences are abused for power is called a ‘controlled coup’. We demanded that all the measures against the putschists would be discussed in Parliament, but they … Continue reading

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Turkey’s opposition marches for justice, as its media shakes hands with Erdoğan

”Knife’s hit the bone…” With these words, Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu started more than a week ago from Ankara his long ‘March for Justice’. 432 km and 20 days later, he hopes to conclude it in front of a … Continue reading

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‘Qatar effect’ on Turkey seems inevitable: ‘Twin brothers in arms’ are in trouble

Soon after the Qatar crisis erupted, worries started mounting in Ankara. Given the message sent by Gulf Arab countries leading efforts to isolate Qatar, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) were concerned that … Continue reading

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