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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Turkey is holding its breath as Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rebels started their withdrawal to Iraqi soil. From every vantage point of view, this is the third phase of the “peace … Continue reading

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Things get complicated

President Abdullah Gül joined the gloom on Monday. When asked about the new constitution, he said the following:     “…our Constitution of 1980 has become too narrow for Turkey and the work [to draft a new one] has started … Continue reading

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Chicken or egg?

The street battles which paralyzed İstanbul on May 1 were only a reminder of the bitter mood. The increasingly aggressive language in Parliament between parties, a deadlock in the talks within the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission, growing enmity between the ideological … Continue reading

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‘The worst is yet to come’

It is a new sharp turn in the Syrian conflict. In the course of three days, the Israeli Air Force carried out two strikes that targeted shipments of advanced missiles bound for south Lebanon. American officials confirmed the strike target … Continue reading

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HUman catastrophy at the doorstep

No matter how much one prefers to look the other way, one now has to admit that the humanitarian crisis as well as the massive devastation in Syria have already reached catastrophic proportions. That it takes place in 2013, in … Continue reading

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