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Has Turkey’s notorious ‘deep state’ come back with a vengeance?

”The return of Ergenekon as ultranationalists replace FETÖ” This was the headline of one of the most concise and interesting analysis I encountered lately. The column was penned by my esteemed colleague Barçın Yinanç, with Hurriyet Daily News (an outlet … Continue reading

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An award that goes to all those who resist darkness of despotism in Turkey

In May 15, I stood at the stage in Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, to receive an award that left me with a great sense of humility and pride. It was the human rights NGO, UN Watch which had decided … Continue reading

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Erdoğan’s ‘Global Legitimacy Tour’ to reach its successful finale in Brussels

President Erdoğan’s march on the road map, very clearly defined by him for long, proceeds with no hurdles. On Sunday, he was re-elected as party chairman after nearly 1000 days of absence, and, after gaining control in most of the … Continue reading

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Live and let die: Are hunger strikes a cynical tool for ‘martyrdom politics’?

”If the power targets the very life, then the life itself becomes, per se, a resistance to power.” This motto often at display in strikes and social resistence in public spaces, has carved itself into memory. In the past week … Continue reading

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Taboo-breaking Belge Publishing House raided: ‘Black history of Turkey is back’

When I heard the news, I called him first thing in the morning. At the other end of the line, there was this elderly gentleman – 70 years old – known as one of the boldest taboo-breakers in Turkey. ‘Good … Continue reading

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Is Erdoğan on a collision course with Trump on PYD/YPG against Jihadists?

Clash or accord? When Turkish President Erdoğan meets the President of the USA, Donald Trump, on May 18, the fog which blurs the future of the relations between the tow allies will disperse. The key issue on the agenda, from … Continue reading

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Post-referendum Erdoğan: No mercy!

Some optimists had predicted that once Erdoğan had won the referendum, he would feel a little more relaxed, and start showing signs of softening. How wrong they were. These are the days Turkey is exposed an endurannce test over how … Continue reading

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In Malta, the European Union held the funeral of Turkey’s membership bid

According to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, the key meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Malta a few days ago could be summarized in five words: ‘They have realized their mistakes.’ Really? Was the whole fuss about this? Çavuşoğlu … Continue reading

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Were Turks, Kurds and the foreigners ‘guilty’ of getting Erdoğan wrong?

I have the bitter sense that we passed that despicable threshold, perhaps to a point of no return. The result of the referendum was the sealing of an autocratic rule; a stamp for legitimacy for the leader who so wished … Continue reading

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‘Back to square one’: what downgrading of Turkey by PACE means for its relations

So, in a move that came as no surprise, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has voted to reopen a monitoring procedure against Turkey. It means a downgrading of the country’s status, in a way ‘moving it … Continue reading

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